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The Suburban Redneck:

Tucked away on a quiet cul-de-sac in the middle of suburbia is a man who doesn’t quite fit in. He does his daily commute to and from work along with every other suburbanite, he does the wave to all the other neighbors as they drive by just like everyone else, but something about him is a little different. He doesn’t go to the home shows, he goes to sportsman shows and gun shows. He doesn’t wander around his front yard making sure it is as pristine as every other house in the neighborhood, he is in the back yard honing in his skills with his bow. He doesn’t sit on his deck sipping a merlot, he is too busy wrenching on his outboard motor and drinking a beer. He doesn’t go to the supermarket to get fresh fish, he brings his gear to the nearest lake. He doesn’t spend hours decorating his house for Halloween, he is too busy getting ready for bow season. He doesn’t spend Sundays watching golf, he has the race on. He fills his freezer with venison, not beef. He has a 4x4, not a Prius. He has a gun safe where everyone else keeps the golf clubs. He listens to that inner instinct that all men have to hunt and fish, he gets excited at the sound of the rumble of a good old American V-8. He flies the American flag with pride. He would be perfectly happy in a log cabin in the middle of the woods but his wife won’t have it.



............... SO are you a Suburban Redneck??? If so then come and join us !!!!! If you love to hunt, fish, be outdoors, have fun that might be a little out of the “norm” and don’t care what the neighbors think...

Then you're a SUBURBAN REDNECK too!!




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